AP Music Theory

Advanced Placement Music Theory dives into the nuts and bolts of music.  The class begins with key signatures, touching on scales, chords, sight-reading, harmonic and melodic dictation, rhythms, four part writing, and more throughout the year.


Music Theory can be compared to writing an essay.   In writing an essay, first we learn the alphabet, followed by formation of words, sentences, and paragraphs.  In music theory, we learn the pitches and rhythms, how to form those into melodies and chords, making sure we are putting our ‘i’ before our ‘e’ when we are suppose to, eventually getting to a completed composition.


In continuing with my writing analogy, if you miss learning the alphabet, it is quite difficult for someone to write an essay.  Learn your Key Signatures!


Check out the Titan Choir Youtube Channel for videos going over the material covered in class.  One example can be seen below or you can click on the link to the right to see all topics.


Optional Materials for Class:

Subscription to Smart Music (great sight reading tool that will grade your performance showing you where you struggle)

90 Days to Sight-Singing Success

Finale (older versions are cheaper and work fine.  This is a great compositional tool.)

Musition and Auralia Ear Training Software (great practice for sight-singing)

Barron’s AP Music Theory with Audio Compact Discs


Great Web Sites:




http://titanchoir.org   (haha)



Find the Titan Choir on YouTube